Lighting and Blinds. Advantages of control. (English version)

Control and Regulation Efficient lighting and blinds.

Some people have asked me to translate the contents into English, and this is the translation of this post. I hope it’s not too bad.
The need to comply with the technical building code, plus the current state of technology in which we make to implement systems of regulation and control of lighting and blinds in buildings, is a resource to consider always that projects a building, whether new or rehabilitation.

What are the skills we should implement?

  • Regulation of any light source and control of motorized blinds according to the contribution of natural light and the sun’s position.
  • Managing time zones and scene setting according to activities in the building.
  • Graphical display of the entire system for maintenance or locate faults.
  • By controlling one by one all the lights, we have the possibility of dynamic sequences in facades and interior spaces.

What benefits are provided by the control system?

  • Savings of up to 70% of lighting energy by controlling for intake of sunlight, even up to 75% combined with time controls, timed and indoor and outdoor scenes.
  • Control light levels for open loop, measuring only the amount of natural light in a room by adjusting the lighting outputs individually and getting a constant level of lighting in the room.
  • Digital control of all lights, whatever they are. Removing remaining precision analog components to the system and increase the likelihood of errors and interferences.
  • Savings in labor costs: the implementation of a system of this type allows us to save on personnel costs, no time is lost by raising or lowering blinds or turning on and off lights.
  • cooling energy savings: If we can save up to 75% on lighting consumption, this means that you are not providing this heat load of the building, helping the cooling system in summer. In case of motorized blinds manage the removal of the load by solar radiation is almost total loads affecting him only for transmission.
  • Improved maintenance management: A large volume of information allows for better maintenance planning.
  • Extending the life of fluorescent tubes.
  • Fast reforms: The user can easily switch control zones, scenes, schedules, rescheduling areas. In some buildings, offices generally flexible temporary halls, reduced costs due to ease of reprogramming is greater savings in lighting.

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